Shock Dr. "Gel Max Power" mouth protector - Carbon

Shock Dr. "Gel Max Power" mouth protector - Carbon

Shock Doctor
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Mandibular Orthopedic Replacement Device (AKA MORA) Performance improvement: Align / Correctly place the lower jaw, which can increase strength and sports performance

Gel-Fit Lner: Custom molds to teeth for a firm and comfortable adjustment

Updated monocoque chassis: The improved structure results in a great balance between resistance and weight

Triple layer tech: more layers, more protection and better adjustment

Cohesive interior grid: reinforced for triple layer protection

Single chassis shock frame protects the teeth and jaw from lateral impacts

Tri-bite stabilizers align the upper and lower jaw

The rapid release strap allows the oral protector to be used with a strap or without it

Complies with the national and state rules of high school

Latex free, without BPA, free of phthalates


For adults