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StockBjj Reusable Masks

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Adjustable mask designed for a head over 56 cm in circumference.
Adjustable elastic bands with stops.

Three-layer face mask. The mask reduces the spread of viruses by droplets, it also protects the respiratory tract against all kinds of dust and dirt.

The mask does not guarantee protection against Covid19 virus infection, however it limits the possibility of drip infection.

The outer layer: a thermoactive elastic material that gives the mask a perfect shape and conforms to the shape of the face.

Middle Layer: A filter layer made of polypropylene non-woven fabric intended for the production of medical masks.

Inner layer: a material with a mesh structure that facilitates breathing in the mask.

A mask made of thermoactive / quick-drying materials. Unlike cotton, these materials do not tend to accumulate moisture. It can be washed at 60 degrees and ironed.

The mask is attached to the face with 2 elastics around the head. Stoppers on elastics allow you to adjust the length of the elastics and adjust the tension accordingly.

Printing made in the DPS system, that is, resistant to repeated washing.