Armbar Soap- The Rainbow Warrior Batch – StockBJJ
Armbar Soap- The Rainbow Warrior Batch - StockBJJ

Armbar Soap- The Rainbow Warrior Batch

Arm Bar Soap
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The main ingredient in this batch, Niaouli oil, is a direct relative of Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) and grows wild on the island of Madagascar. Characterized by its antifungal + antimicrobial properties, it is widely used for its ability to kill gram-positive bacteria. Then, from the island of Hawaii'i, also known as "The Big Island", we obtained a healthy amount of white honey 'Ohi'a Lehua, a very special variation that only small private hives harvest in Hawaii'i and occur in very few quantities. The high natural viscosity of honey helps provide a protective barrier, preventing infections and further stimulating rapid wound healing. Then we add another level of antibacterial power with the addition of organic oregano oil grown in California and Kukui nut oil grown with O'ahu (which also helps to rehydrate the skin). This is quickly followed by a touch of fatty acid-rich almond oil, which lends its sweet scent to the batch. Aloe vera extract is then infused to reduce inflammation, while a generous amount of champagne extract is added, whose antioxidant richness has been shown to be 20 to 50 times more potent than vitamin C and vitamin E. These Rainbow Warriors are finally completed with menthol crystals, designed to reopen pores and allow our recipe to fight bacteria inside to be thoroughly cleaned. Meanwhile, the Rainbow crushed sea sponge is sprayed to help exfoliate any dead skin acquired during intense training.