About us

Fuji Sports

In Japan the ancient samurai used the base of Mount Fuji as a retreat area for training and preparation for battle. FUJI has more than 50 years of history, its products have been tested in rigorous feeds and trainees. The result is a brand of high quality products originating in Japan.

FUJI is currently the brand of world-renowned athletes: Royler Gracie, Pedro Sauer, Relson Gracie, Jeff Curran, Igor Gracie, Rolles Gracie, Ronda Rousey, Rick Hawn and Jimmy Pedro.

FUJI is led by a team of martial arts professionals and enthusiasts who want to keep the true spirit of martial arts alive.
The brand in Spain

In Spain we have been introducing the FUJI brand for 2 years. If you have a store, both physical and online and you are interested in distributing our products, please visit our section "Distributors". You can contact us by phone 881 819 786 or in our email info@fujisports.es.

FUJI does an active job of promoting and supporting sports like BJJ, and there is no better way to support it than by sponsoring its athletes.

The athletes currently sponsored by FUJI Spain are:

  • Ezekiel Zayas
  • Isaac Doederlein
  • Jorge Lafuente
  • Mathias Ribeiro
  • Alberto Gonzalez
  • Carlos Villar
  • Aldo Saavedra
  • Pablo Hernandez
  • David Aranda
  • Gil Catarino "Gio"